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Tips for purchasing electronic cars for kids 

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Electronic cars are a dream of many children. As these cars are miniature replicas of the actual ones, kids love to drive around them and imitate to be adults.

When you decide to buy one for your child, you will be surprised to see the many options available. It is also important that you purchase the ride on vehicle according to the kid’s weight, height, and age.

Here is a guideline that will help make your selection process easy.

  1. Age of the child

Before buying any toy for children, it is important to consider if the item is appropriate for their age. Ride on cars is available for children ages between two and eight. However, the specifications for the different age groups vary.

For example, the cars designed for children under two are lower in height so they have an easy time getting on and off. Moreover, a set of remote control is provided with the car so parents can maneuver the direction along with the speed of the car to ensure safety of the children.

  1. Weight capacity of the car

The ride on cars comes with a weight specification. Although, the weight capacity of the car will be in accordance to the age of the child, it is always a good idea to consider the unique weight of your child so you can receive the maximum performance.

  1. Height of the child

Height is another important factor to consider when purchasing an electronic car. Most of these cars are low in height and majority of children don’t have trouble getting on and off but falls from toy cars with low height are common. So make sure you keep this in mind when purchasing.

Safety feature

To ensure the safety of your little rider, always make sure that the car you purchase has a suitable speed limit for your child and his age. Slow moving cars may be more appropriate for little ones while older children might find them boring.

Moreover, braking systems also vary in car to car while remote control sets are also available allowing parents to easily stop and start the car.

Where to purchase in Dubai

Ride on electric cars is the best gift you can purchase for your children. Besides providing maximum enjoyment, these cars have the same physical features as the cars we drive. They can also be driven on all types of terrains.

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