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Why magnetic lashes don’t stick properly!

3 min read

Woman eye with long eyelashes. Eyelash extension

Magnetic lashes are the latest beauty hack that is gaining tremendous popularity because of their easy to put on and removing features. These lashes are the perfect substitute for expensive lash extensions. These fake lashes made of silk or mink have small magnets that simply get stick with the magnetic liner and give a voluminous appearance to your eyes.

How to apply magnetic lashes with magnetic liner?

It is simple to apply magnetic lashes with clear magnetic eyeliner. For everyday use, tiny baby llamas by Drama Llama are the perfect falsies made of silk. Before using a clear magnetic liner:

  • Stir it with the wand and apply it as usual or on top of your preferred eyeliner.
  • Allow for one to two minutes of drying time, repeat the procedure to have adequate magnetism.
  • Place the lash with the inner corner magnets against the eyeliner, then the remainder of the lash.
  • When lashes are set, and they are fewer moveables, touch up your liner if you take them off and on.

WARNING: Magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner have not been tested in conjunction with an MRI scanner. Wearing magnetic lashes or liners in or near an MRI scanner is not permitted.

Why do magnetic lashes not stick to the magnetic liner?

But sometimes, it never happens like this. Because magnetic eyeliner is not applied in the same way as lash glue, there may be a slight learning curve. There is nothing to worry about. Here are the common reasons to have some issues to put on magnetic lashes and ways to make them work great for you:

  1. Check your magnetic lashes carefully before use. Sometimes a missing magnet may cause the issue of magnetic lashes not sticking to the clear magnetic eyeliner.
  2. Another reason may be that you require more liner. Mostly two coatings are required; however, some people use extremely thin coats. If the thin coating of the clear magnetic liner does not work, apply another coat or two and let it dry before applying the lashes. You can also put a little extra in the corners.
  3. You must have to wait for at least 2 to 3 minutes before putting on magnetic lashes to the magnetic liner. It is possible that when you applied the lashes, the liner was still wet. When applying the liner, it should be dry to the touch. Don’t forget! It is not lash glue. It will not adhere when wet.
  4. Dirty lash magnets may also cause issues. While reusing magnetic lashes, the magnets may become filthy. Make sure to clean them thoroughly between applications. The lashes should not be damp or soaked; otherwise, the lashes will be damaged due to this.
  5. You need to put a sufficient amount of clear magnetic liner to the outermost and innermost parts of the natural lash line to secure anchors. If you have to face some more challenging situations, such as damp weather and a lot of wind, or your skin is prone to moisture, applying a thick coating of the clear magnetic liner is perfect.