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Magnetic lashes & eye liner your new beauty companions

3 min read

“What is so difficult about putting on lashes? It is just a matter of few seconds!”

This statement is generally used to hear from that girl in our friend’s circle whom we call a fashion icon. But this is not it. There is always a behind story that no one knows.

She never tells you how many sets she has ruined to get there?

How many times was the liner not up to the mark?

How terribly she was gone through applying glue lash etc.

The fact is, it is not incredibly intuitive, and it takes a lot of practice. But no one has time in their tough daily routine to sit in front of the mirror for around 40 to 50 minutes or have no confidence to deal with potential issues related to false lashes.

Baby Llama Magnetic Lash Kit provides you with the absolute freedom to put on falsies like a pro without wasting hours in front of the mirror and avoiding a fight between lash glue and mascara.

The concept of magnetic lashes is so new and unique. Generally, magnetic lashes are a combination of fake lashes and magnets that you can bind to your natural lashes. Each eye receives two false lashes, each with a tiny magnet in the middle. One falsie is placed on top of your natural lashes, and its magnetic companion is placed under your lashes. The magnets ping off each other, creating an eyelash sandwich. There is no glue, but the falsies won’t come off in the middle of the night. They are also re-usable. There is no hectic procedure it requires to clean the adhesive from your baby llama magnetic lashes.

These pairs of magnetic lashes without a magnetic liner are difficult to use. They are not very sturdy until added, and one feels as though they are about to slip off at any moment. They seem to be dropping off at the ends, but in fact, they can only fit in the middle part, which gives them an unusual appearance.

But baby llama magnetic lash kit with clear magnetic liner provides you with a super-easy way to put on magnetic lashes ideally within no time. This clear magnetic liner is simply magical with a patented recipe that transforms the way you look at your lashes forever. This Smudge-Proof, Weather-Proof, and Life-Proof magnetic lining is made transparent. This glue-free solution with iron oxide to attract tiny magnets in lashes provides a glue-free but long-lasting grip during the day. It’s a gentle, skin-friendly ingredient that keeps your false lashes in place all day and night, even on the wildest nights.

These magnetic baby llama magnetic lashes are easy to remove. You can remove the eyelashes carefully with warm water or another makeup remover. There is no need to use glue or magnets anymore. Overall, magnetic baby lash kits and magnetic eyeliners by “Drama Llama” are considered almost safe, especially when compared to false lashes that require glue. So you can save time on your beauty routine.