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Earphones have a wonderful power to free you of your recurring mental thoughts. It is essential to own a good pair of earphones. For that you must know about the different types of earphones available in the market. 

There are different types of earphones like earphones with mic, bluetooth earphones, etc. Let us know about its types to buy great earphones online.

Different types of earphones you must know about

  • Earphones

Earphones are also called earbuds. They are small headphones in each ear. Earphones stay put in your ears once you place them there. They rest inside your ears by being inserted into your ear canal or use hooks that wrap around your ears. Another variation in earphones is the one that comes with clips that can be clipped onto your earlobes. Different from over-the-ear headphones, earphones are small and compact.

  • Stock earbuds

Stock earbuds come along with smartphones and music players. They provide a decent quality of sound, and are more compact. However, higher-end earphones and headphones offer a better sound and audio experience. Many of them come with high-tech bass drivers offering a great sound.

  • Ear monitors

High-quality earphones that are also called ear monitors are used by performers performing on stage in order to hear instruments and cues. Also available with the custom-molded inserts such as hearing aids, the ear monitors can also be called CIEMs or custom in-ear monitors. Electronic devices like headset, headphones, AirPods, EarPods, mini-phone connector, air tube headset, etc. can be categorised as ear monitors.

  • Custom fit earphones

Employing the similar process like that used for the hearing aids, custom ear monitors or custom fit earphones are made from moulds made out of the impressions of the wearer’s ears. The custom fit offers a great comfort and eliminates much of the ambient noise.

  • High-performance earphones

For serious music lovers and professionals, high-quality earphones such as high-performance earphones deliver listening enjoyment. These types of earphones use 9 mm drivers, and a three-button control. They come in sizes like small, medium and large to cater to different sized ear canals.

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